現在、イランの核開発を止めるための交渉が米国主導で進んでいる。しかし、『Israel Today』誌の報道によると、国際原子力機関(IAEA)事務局長のラファエル・グロッシは、この交渉を「失敗」と呼び、次のように語っている。

― “Iran Will Go Nuclear, Laments IAEA Chief,” Israel Today, 8 Jun 2022

It’s too late. International diplomatic efforts have failed. Iran will cross the nuclear threshold. That was the dire message conveyed this week by Rafael Grossi, director-general of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA). He told the IAEA’s annual Board of Governors meeting in Vienna that Iran was now “very close” to achieving this milestone. At this point “it cannot be avoided,” he added.


― “Iran Will Go Nuclear, Laments IAEA Chief,” Israel Today, 8 Jun 2022

“In recent years, Iran has crossed a series of red lines, especially in enriching uranium at a level of 60%—without a response, and the world goes on. Israel cannot—and will not—accept such a situation. Last Friday, I met with … Grossi and we discussed this. He came for a snap visit and I clarified Israel’s position, which is that we are acting, and will continue to reserve the freedom to take such action against the Iranian nuclear program as may be necessary, at any time, with or without an agreement. Nothing will tie our hands.”

この発言を裏付けるように、イスラエルではステルス戦闘機F-35に改修を施した空軍部隊が空爆の準備を進めていると報道されている(Yochanan Visser, “Israel Prepares for Military Option Against Iran,” Israel Today, 12 Jun 2022

写真:グロッシIAEA事務局長: IAEA Imagebank (CC BY 2.0)/ベネット首相:The Israel Project (CC BY-SA 2.0)


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